Press and Outreach

Our Mission

A Mind Worth Fighting For’s mission is to spread a message of encouragement to those suffering with depression, and more importantly, to educate people about where and how to find resources to get help for mental health and wellness. 

Public Speaking and Outreach

Hannah is a public speaker who specializes in encouraging audiences through messages of hope, humor, and heart. 

As a public speaker, Hannah not only speaks a message of hope to those who might be suffering with depression or have a loved one who is, but she also crafts a message that inspires anyone and everyone to live their best lives and create the happiness they deserve.

More importantly, Hannah takes pride in helping people of all ages and backgrounds look at themselves honestly– and see how awesome they truly are.

Public speaking topics include:

-Depression and mental health awareness

-Finding your voice and standing for what you believe in

-Loving yourself- and how that can change your world

-The secret to self-confidence (hint- you’re already awesome and here’s why!)

-How to take a leap of faith and create the life you love

Hannah is a noted speaker and activist, some of her past speaking arrangements include: event host and keynote speaker at the University of South Florida’s annual Come out of the Dark Suicide Awareness Event.

For press inquiries or to book Hannah for your next public speaking event, please contact us here