For anyone who has ever:

– felt sad or anxious for no reason

– not being able to get out of bed

– had no energy or desire to do the things you once loved

– has slept all day and still not had energy

– or has not been able to sleep at all

– had difficulty concentrating

– had low moods

– or lack of motivation to do anything

You might have a physical medical condition that has similar symptoms to depression, without even knowing it!

Hello, my name is Hannah, and I suffered from these symptoms for years. I eventually found out that I had two physical medical conditions that were causing these symptoms, called: hypoglycemia and adrenal fatigue.

My doctor determined the reason my moods were so low and I had no energy was due to a blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and a hormonal imbalance (adrenal fatigue).

When I got a diagnosis from my doctor and followed his advice, my symptoms lifted within weeks. I had more energy, was able to concentrate for longer periods of time, and most importantly, my moods started to become increasingly happier, and they stayed that way on a consistent basis!

I also got help from a psychologist– which was extremely beneficial in helping me get through things I was struggling with. However, since I also had hypoglycemia and adrenal fatigue, it was important to see a doctor for those as well and get treatment.

That’s why I made this website: to inform people about these conditions so they can know the facts about them, as well as know the necessary steps it takes to get a diagnosis and treatment from a medical practitioner or a mental health professional.

**This is not a tool for self-diagnosis, but rather an informative site that gives the facts about each condition and gives you a comprehensive guide on how to get treatment from a professional, as proper diagnosis and treatment are very important to getting better as soon as possible!** I never want anyone to experience what I went through medically, so please, if you think you should seek help, take the first step and make an appointment with a professional!


Throughout my journey, I learned four key things for lifting my symptoms of depression:

1) Balance brain chemistry (working with a medical doctor to heal any medical conditions that make depression symptoms worse, and/or working and psychiatrist to help balance brain chemistry)

2) Improve mental well-being (working with a psychologist)

3) Practicing daily health habits that support a healthy body and brain (eating well to help your brain and body absorb nutrients)

4) Changing thought patterns and promoting positive mental health (practicing daily mental habits that help your day go better 🙂 

This site has detailed information on how to get diagnosed and treated by professionals, as well as other tips on how to live your best life. 



Click here to get started:

1) Balance brain chemistry