Confidence and Happiness Bootcamp

 Hi beautiful person!

Have you ever:

-Wished you could look in the mirror and love your appearance?

-Wanted to get rid of your social anxiety and easily meet people who you connect with?

-Have more self-confidence and believe in yourself more so you can achieve your dreams?

-Felt that you “lost a part of yourself” and feel numb to the world and want to bring your joy and happiness back?




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A love note to anyone who feels like they will never be happy again:

For years, I never thought the sun would shine in my life again. I had just gone through a major bout of depression, and although I got better and saw a doctor and psychiatrist to treat my depression, my life was left in shambles.


I had beat the depression in my mind but my lifestyle was not supporting my happiness.


That’s when I decided to do something about it and turn it all around.


I did just that. I became happy and healed old wounds and finally found myself loving myself for…me!


So I created this Group Challenge and Confidence Bootcamp for anyone who wants to be happy and have a rockin’ life.




Do you hate waking up and looking at your body, hating the way you look? Not sure what to wear and hating walking by mirrors because all you can think about is negative things?


I went through that same thing and I can teach you how to love your body again. Literally, how to go from “I hate the way I look” to “I looove my body”  and how to finally feel comfortable in your own skin.


Book a complementary one-hour breakthrough session with me and I’ll teach you the three tips that helped me go from hating the way I looked to loving my body in DAYS!


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Do you find that social situations cause a panic in your head before you’ve even gone to the event? Do you long to make real, authentic, deep and lasting friendships but aren’t sure where to start or get nervous when talking to people?

Do you feel that your shyness is holding you back in your career, at school, or in your social life?

I used to feel the same way. In fact, I was one of the shiest people in my class growing up, but I eventually learned how to be more confident. I also learned how to beat my social anxiety and make friends easier. Want my secrets? Book a complementary session with me today 🙂


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Are you tired of the thoughts in your head beating you up? Do you feel like over and over again, your brain keeps telling you “you’ll never be good enough” or “you can’t do this” and it’s holding you back from doing what you dream of doing?

Tell me about it!

I used to feel like I couldn’t do anything and I was scared to try anything new because my brain would literally beat me up. It kept telling me that I couldn’t do things, or that I didn’t deserve anything good, or that I would always fail.

As a result, I stopped trying and let my “bully thoughts” get in the way of me chasing my dreams. I became such a perfectionist that I never wanted to write stories or write music, and both were activities I used to love. I even stopped trying to make new friends because my brain kept telling me “you’ll never be good enough for them” or “they don’t really like you.”

Sound familiar?

If you’re like me, I bet these thoughts keep you from trying new things or doing the things you once loved. I bet they affect all areas of your life and make you feel like crap. Are you sick and tired of it? (I know I was!) Book a complementary session with me and I’ll share with you my top tips on how I learned how to beat up the bullies and bad thoughts in my own head and replace them with happy, positive thoughts that support your growth and EMPOWER you!! <3

Schedule a complementary session! Don’t wait around while they take advantage of you and keep you down!

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Do you feel like a piece of you is missing? As if you now just feel…numb?

Do you wonder if you will ever feel happiness again? Do you feel “broken beyond repair” and like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel?

I’ve felt this way. In fact, after my depression started to get better after seeing a medical doctor and a psychologist, I still was feeling bad about my future. I was a lot better, but I felt numb, like I didn’t want to kill myself, but also like I didn’t have a reason to be happy either.

It was then that I realized that I had to do something about it.

And that’s when I discovered Soul and Memory Healing. I developed a program that allowed me to heal from my past hurt by allowing the pain and old memories to be discovered, felt, and then…healed. And the results were amazing.

I discovered that many people develop something called a Core Wound in childhood that sets them up to fail later in adulthood. (In fact, my Core Wound was the thought that I always had to “earn” my right to be on this Earth and I always felt like I had to prove my existence to others, which always left me sad because I feel like I could never measure up.)

Want to know what your Core Wound is and how it is impacting your life and making you sad? I can help you find what it is and heal it so you can allow happiness back into your heart.


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So, what are you waiting for?



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**Disclaimer: this coaching program is for lifestyle tips and how to create a life that supports your happiness, and is in no way a substitute for medical and mental health treatment or a intended as a way to cure depression. If you are experiencing any medical or mental health issues, please seek treatment from a professional, as proper diagnosis and treatment are very important to getting better as soon as possible!** I never want anyone to experience what I went through medically, so please, if you think you should seek help, take the first step and make an appointment with a professional!