The Ultimate Guide to Health and Happiness:

Life-Changing Steps to Transform Health, Increase Energy, and Spark More Joy



A love note to anyone who feels like they will never be happy again:

Hi, my name is Hannah. I battled depression for four years, and during the darkest of those times, I honestly never thought the sun would shine in my life again. But I promise you it will get better, and I’m here to guide you through getting help and creating a life worth fighting for.

First, I got help from a medical and mental health professional. I was going through depression, and they really helped me get better. You can read about how to get professional help here.*


Then I made The Phoenix Academy- the ultimate school for creating a life you love.*

I created the Phoenix Academy for anyone who is ready for a change. For anyone who is sick of waking up asking “Is there anything more?” For people who want to bring their joy back. And for those who are ready to rise from the ashes of their past and create a life of abundance, health, and happiness.*


Let’s do this!

If you want to learn:

-How to have more energy and improve your moods by eating a healthy diet (without getting rid of the foods you already love!)

-How a simple change in sleep habits can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep all night, and wake up with more energy.

-How to reduce stress even if you are busy.

-How to skyrocket your self-confidence.

-How to improve your happiness and up-level your life.


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*If you are experiencing a mental health condition such as depression or medical condition, or anything of that nature, please first check out the guides on: how to get help from a medical and mental health professional. 

The Phoenix Academy and all of the academy’s guides are all about how to transform your health and happiness to create a life you love, but if you are experiencing something that could use attention from a medical or mental health professional, please do so. (I saw a medical doctor and a psychologist when I went through depression and it saved my life.)

Link for how to get help from a medical and mental health professional:


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